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Raman Spectrometers

All-in-one portable Raman ...

Optical probe acquires Raman light of the substance with high excitation laser coupling efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio Mo...

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532nm Raman microscope

532nm excitation light, CCD photodetector, grating spectroscopy Model:MHU-532 Brand:Glit Place of Origin:Shenzhen

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785nm Raman microscope

Non-contact Raman spectroscopy measurement and analysis Model:MHU-785 Brand:Glit Place of Origin:Shenzhen

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Portable Raman spectromete...

 Non-contact Raman spectral measurement and analysis Model:GL-PRS-785 Brand:Glit Place of origin:Shenzhen

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GL-PRS-785-M Raman spectro...

785/532nm excitation laser, CCD photo detector, grating spectroscopy Model:GL-PRS-785-M Brand:Glit Place of Origin:Shenzhen

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Raman spectrometer (532nm)

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, can last up to 5-hours for field measurement Model:GL-PRS-532 Brand:Glit Place of Origin...

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Raman probe GL-RP-785

Raman probe GL-RP-785, can accommodate the different lasers (532nm, 785nm, 830nm and 1064nm) Model:GL-RP-785 Brand:Glit Place ...

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