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Optical Fiber Spectrometers

NIR spectrometer

Spectral measurements include radiation, transmittance, absorbance and reflectivity.

Product Model:GLA600-UVN

Product Brand: Glit

Place of Origin: Shenzhen

  • Features: 

    Czerny-Turner optical structure with a grating, CCD photo detector and SMA905 fiber connector.

    Connected to computer through a USB mini-B cable, controlled and powered by the computer; small in size and pleasant appearance.

       Unique software features, including automatic configuration of spectrometer, automatic reading of calibration coefficients, spectral acquisition and measurement, logging and color bar display.

    Spectral measurements include radiation, transmittance, absorbance and reflectivity. 

    Two output data formats: conventional Excel two-column format and square format, the second is used to observe the spectral data conveniently.

    The selected spectral data on the spectral curve are marked using different colors, including the cursors and the area boundary lines, allowing users to easily find data in a large number of spectral data.

    Cursors are used to find the wavelengths. The spectral width is found by moving the two boundary lines.

    Software logging allows the user to record experimental content such as the material analyzed, the operator and the time.

    Software color bars help users understand the corresponding wavelengths of the spectrum.


      • Measuring light sources such as LEDs

      • Environmental inspection: inspection of soil, water quality, air pollution

      • Food processing inspection

      • Petroleum industry 

      • Chemical industry 

      • Eyeglass inspection

      • Optical coating inspection

      • Glass inspection

      • Auto dimming film inspection

      • R&D in science and technology

      • Customization etc.

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